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Special Stock Market Edition - Jan 2016

Jan 20, 2016

  In this Issue: How to handle Stock Market Turmoil Diversication is so importnat You can read it here

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Latest Quarterly Figures From the ASFA Retirement Standard

Feb 21, 2013

Retiree standard of living (ASFA) The latest quarterly figures from the ASFA Retirement Standard survey are in. For the December 2012 quarter, the figures shown to meet a comfortable or modest standard of living per year are: Single Couple (Combined) Modest Comfortable Modest Comfortable $22,585 $41,186 $32,555 $56,339 These figures show a 2.0% increase for comfortable and 2.8% increase for modest over the last year, in comparison to a CPI increase of 2.2%. The main increases this quarter were due to: domestic holiday travel and accommodation (6.2%), and automotive fuel (2.6%). Overall the cost of food decreased, with the main contributor being lower…

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SMSFs crying out for advice

Feb 19, 2013

When a client reaches the “decumulation” phase of their superannuation – when they begin drawing money – advisers need to discuss with them how long that money is going to last, what the cash-flow is that will pay the benefits to members, and to look at the liquidity and associated risks. Recent research from the SPAA and Russell Investments shows that only 43.9% of retired trustees had changed or were planning to change their asset allocation in retirement and that there was a need for this discussion between advisers and SMSF clients. Independent adviser Matthew Ross said that asset allocation…

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